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Trade Mark & Patent Registration

A Trade or Service Mark is a distinguishing indication, such as a name, signature, drawing, or anything else, that is used to differentiate similar goods or services from different manufacturers or service providers.

Apart from assisting the owner, service providers, or product manufacturers in marketing their products or services, Trade or Service Marks also assist consumers in identifying, selecting, and ultimately purchasing a product or service based on the quality demonstrated by the Trade or Service Mark owner over time. We can help you with Trademark Registration in Tanzania.

The benefits of registration of a trade or service mark

The proprietor or licensee, also known as the registered user, assignee, and any other beneficiaries, have an exclusive right to use the mark once it has been registered. This exclusive right is granted for a seven-year initial period and is renewed for ten years in a row. A person who uses an unregistered mark will almost certainly infringe on a registered mark, putting him or her at danger of legal action that, in the end, could bankrupt him or her due to the severe penalties levied. To avoid any penalties or imminent unpleasant outcomes, the greatest recommendation to manufacturing and commercial communities is to play it safe by registering their particular Trade and Service Marks.

Post registration matters on trade and service marks

Looking to register your trademark in Tanzania?

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